Monday, February 2, 2009

Log 1


I had never faced someone like this before. The being standing before me was a full blooded demon. She had large black wings and the hair to match. The girl was slender and tall and had emerald green eyes. She had claws and fangs and was now beginning to hiss at me. "What are you doing here. I've done nothing to harm you or your people," I yelled steadily at her. The girl just stared at me. "What is your name boy," she asked. (More like hissed.) I replied calmly. "My name is Arazelle and you are," I asked politely. I knew how demons valued morals. She straightened up. "I am Bezellia the Ruler of the Raven demons. And I have come," she said smiling. "To KILL YOU," she screeched, charging at me. 
I called on the power which I was born with. I could feel the surroundings slowly change as I tapped into it. The rage built up and there it was. It had been unleashed and I would defeat Bezellia with it.

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